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Dunnum Occupational Care Medical Group is the premier full service occupational and workers' compensation medical practice in San Diego County, providing the highest quality of medical care to your employees and company 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

With over 35 years of experience, more than 600 of San Diego's best employers have chosen us as their occupational and worker's compensation health care provider.

We understand the needs of our patients as well as the concerns and costs to employers and insurances companies.

Our quality of care, intricate knowledge of workers' compensation laws and our continuous communication with patients, employers, insurance companies and MPNs has helped us save employers millions of dollars in overall medical costs and workers' compensation insurance premiums.

Our dedication to provide expedient and excellent medical care to our patients, while using "First Aid" billing, modified work programs and stringent claims management. Our program has resulted in faster cures, decreased disability for our patients, significantly lower costs for employers and insurers and decreased employee litigation rates.

We treat all of your injured employees as professional industrial athletes, with the highest quality of individualized and compassionate care.

All work-related injuries are Workers' Compensation; "Recordable" or "First Aid".

"First Aid" injuries are Workers' Compensation, and even though employers may pay the medical cost and avoid increased premiums, employers and medical providers must follow all of the Workers' Compensation laws and regulations, providing appropriate medical care and benefits to all injured employee.

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