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What you don’t know could adversely affect your workforce, eat away at your profits and possibly land you in a costly legal battle.

As  the  Consultant  to  the  California  State  Legislature on  Workers'  Compensation together with our in house legal department, Dr. Dunnum and our legal team ensure that our physicians understand the legal ramifications of every decision and how vigorous labor code compliance means greater savings to all of our companies.

Dunnum Occupational Care's extensive experience and knowledge of workers’ compensation law saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. What many employers do not know is that for every one dollar paid for by the insurance carrier for injuries, it is likely that the true cost to the employer (through increased premium and reserves) will reach almost six times the original amount. Our physician's objective medical evaluations of every patient can determine if the injury is, or is not, work related, apportionable, recordable or first aid. In this way, Dunnum Occupational Care's clients are protected from illegitimate claims and excessive costs and premiums.